Total Synthesis Services of Natural Products

Total Synthesis Services of Natural Products

BOC Sciences has a long-standing commitment to the development and testing of natural products. Total synthesis is a class of organic synthesis, which emphasizes the artificial purity of the pathway to obtain the target molecules of natural products. Total synthesis work is based on some molecules identified in natural organisms as synthetic targets, and these target molecules often have some drug activity. Total synthesis attempts to obtain useful compounds that are complex and difficult to obtain by other means through chemical reactions from simple and easily available raw materials. The raw materials are usually chemicals easily obtained from nature, such as sugars and petrochemicals. The target molecule is usually a natural product with a specific effect, or one that makes sense in theory. We have professional synthetic chemists who can fully help you process the design and development of target products, and help you fully synthesize natural products, so as to accelerate your project development process and enter the commercialization process faster.

Total Synthesis Design of Natural Products

  • Divergent synthesis based on the biosynthesis hypothesis

Divergent synthesis comes from nature. In the complex biosynthetic pathway starting from the same intermediate, different processes such as oxidation state rise and fall, skeleton rearrangement, cationic cyclization, condensation reaction and pericyclic reaction can produce a set of natural products with high structural diversity. In biosynthesis, a series of natural products with interesting structures and important biological activities are derived from the simple combination of structural elements through the complex superposition of various reaction processes.

  • Divergent synthesis based on specific core structures

The creativity and logic of the synthetic chemist based on structure and chemical properties is demonstrated by finding the best "junction" that connects multiple terminal natural products. The common core structure of some natural products with different structures and low biogenic correlation was excavated as a platform for synthesis research.

Our Services

Natural products are important sources of innovative drugs. The total synthesis of natural products has always been the most challenging and influential research in the field of organic synthetic chemistry. BOC Sciences is committed to the innovative and total synthetic development of natural products, enabling the large-scale preparation of some types of natural products.

The operation of total synthesis consists of the following steps.

  • The selection of target molecules (natural products, artificially designed molecules);
  • Design of synthesis strategy (inverse synthesis analysis);
  • The selection of reagents and reaction conditions is determined;
  • Experimental operation of synthesis.

Depending on the difficulty of the synthesis experiment, the synthesis strategy and method often interact with each other before the experiment is successful, and a lot of adjustment or even redesign of the synthesis route is required.

Significance of total synthesis of natural products

  1. Verify the structure of natural products, especially the early total synthesis.
  2. Break the bottleneck of natural resources -- limited resources to protect the ecology.
  3. Address derivatives of natural products not found in nature.
  4. Discover new reactions and create new theories to promote the development of organic chemistry.

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