Sulfonated Modified Natural Products

Sulfonated Modified Natural Products

BOC Sciences through the introduction of sulfonic acid group, can greatly enhance the water solubility of natural products, accelerate the absorption of drugs by the human body, shorten the time of onset, improve the bioavailability, the product can be both oral and injection, can solve the solubility of the poor can only be made into oral dosage. At the same time, after sulfonation of natural products, the conformation changes, and the conformation change is often the determining factor of the change of biological activity. Therefore, sulfonation not only increases water solubility, but also may increase some new biological activities. Especially for polysaccharide, which is a large molecular compound, sulfonation has become a very important modification method. At present, our scientific research team has mastered the technology and experience of various natural product modification, which can help customers to efficiently complete the structural modification of natural products, so as to better develop products, which is conducive to the application in pharmaceutical, food and other industries


Sulfonation is a reaction process that introduces sulfonic acid groups or sulfonyl chloride groups into organic molecules. Sulfonation is an important step in the synthesis of many organic products and is widely used in the pharmaceutical, pesticide, detergent and petroleum industries. Some natural products have problems in clinical application due to poor water solubility, such as poor bioavailability, high dosage, and slow absorption in tablets or capsules. Sulfonation of these natural products can not only increase their water solubility, but also enhance their biological activity.

Our Services

BOC Sciences offers services for the sulfonation of natural products, an important structural modification that can improve the water solubility of a compound and potentially increase its biological activity. The natural products we can currently offer for sulfonation include diterpene quinones, phenolic compounds, flavonoids and polysaccharides.

Sulfonation of natural products

  • Sulfonation of diterpene quinones

Diterpene quinones have pharmacological activities such as antibacterial, anti-immune, anti-liver fibrosis and antitumor, and their water solubility is improved after sulfonation, which is more favorable for human absorption.

  • Sulfonation of phenolic compounds

Since the solubility of phenolic compounds in water is very low, it is not convenient to use them. By sulfonating them, the water solubility is greatly improved and the antibacterial effect of the sulfonated products can be analyzed.

  • Sulfonation of flavonoids

Flavonoids can be sulfonated, and after sulfonation, their water solubility is greatly increased, and their anti-hypoxic and anti-ischemic effects are enhanced.

  • Sulfonation of polysaccharides

Polysaccharide sulfonation enhances the original biological activity of polysaccharide or obtains more biological activity, such as anti-tumor, anti-virus, anti-coagulation, anti-oxidation, hypoglycemia, hypolipidemia and prevention of renal failure.

In addition to the above service content, we can also provide other types of natural product structure modification. After the structural modification, we can provide you with a natural product activity test and evaluation before and after modification. As a fully integrated service provider for natural products, BOC Sciences is constantly updating its services and technologies to help businesses and companies develop their products better and faster.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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