Semi-synthesis Services of Natural Products

Semi-synthesis Services of Natural Products

BOC Sciences specializes in the extraction, purification, separation, identification and synthesis of natural products. The semi-synthesis of natural products can help our customers to significantly reduce the cost of product development while ensuring the efficacy of the product. We have experienced chemists and biologists who can provide solutions based on natural product products and complete the development of services for our customers to enter the semi-synthesis of natural products.

About Semisynthesis

Natural products are an important resource for developing new drugs, and the search for anti-AIDS, anti-viral, anti-tumor and anti-thrombotic from natural products is a hot topic for new drug research. Most drugs are derived from natural products and their synthetics, semi-synthetics or derivatives based on natural products with structural modifications. Some natural products with very complex structures are difficult to be fully synthesized or have long synthetic routes, complicated reactions and low yields. For such natural products and their derivatives can be obtained in several reactions using readily available natural products and non-natural structural analogues or intermediates obtained by structural modification of natural products as raw materials. This method is called semi-synthesis of natural products, and the key to it is that the intermediates must be cheap and easy to obtain.

Our Services

Semi-synthesis Services of Natural Products

BOC Sciences has the capability to provide semi-synthesis of natural products to our customers through our organic synthesis laboratory, analytical laboratory, natural product semi-synthesis laboratory and separation process laboratory. We provide semi-synthetic natural product derivative libraries for you to modify the intermediate structure while preserving the parent structure of the natural product. By introducing different substituents, we can avoid the loss of activity caused by the change of the parent structure. We can meet the needs of our customers for research related to the structure of natural products.

Service content

Semi-synthesis services for natural products currently include product synthesis, purity analysis, structure testing, structure identification, activity analysis, etc. We have a complete set of services for semi-synthesis of natural products, from end to end, to provide you with convenient services.

Service Process

  • Contact us and propose the required services.
  • Conduct an exchange, design an experimental protocol, and provide a product quote.
  • Conduct experiments and provide complete testing for your project.
  • Deliver the results, including customized products, raw product data, and product analysis reports.

Why is it Necessary to Semi-synthesize Natural Products?

Both fully synthetic and all-natural compounds have some limitations that can be overcome by using semi-synthetic alternatives. Many naturally occurring molecules may be used as drugs but may be ineffective because they are chemically unstable, not easily absorbed by the body or cause unwanted side effects. For the same reason, fully synthetic molecules that may be useful may also not be used as drugs. In addition, fully synthetic molecules are technically challenging to create "from scratch" in the laboratory, especially if scientists do not know the precise details of how they bind to target cells to achieve their effects. Therefore, modification of natural products may be a useful alternative when fully synthetic compounds are too complex or too expensive to produce, and when the natural product itself does not meet all the criteria for a useful drug.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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