Saponin Extraction Services

Saponin Extraction Services

Saponins are highly hydrophilic, and the extraction solvent can be water or ethanol or methanol with high polarity. The molecular structure of saponin may contain carboxyl groups, acidic, can react with alkali to form a salt and dissolved in water, so also available alkaline water as the extraction solvent. Different extraction solvents should be selected according to the nature of the raw material and the composition and structure of the saponin. commonly used extraction solvents are water, dilute ethanol and ethanol. boc Sciences can provide custom extraction services for natural product saponins according to customer requirements. our staff will provide product solutions soon after receiving the customer's project application to efficiently complete the extraction of natural products.

Saponin Extraction Techniques

  • Water extraction method

For saponins that are more polar, soluble in water and almost insoluble in ethanol, water extraction is available. It is better to use water or alkaline aqueous solution as an extraction solvent for raw materials with low starch content and low surface tension of the saponins contained. Neutral saponins are extracted with water as a solvent, while acidic saponins are extracted with dilute alkaline water as a solvent is more appropriate. For some difficult to dissolve in cold water and easily soluble in alkaline aqueous solution of acidic saponins, can also be used alkaline aqueous solution leaching, leaching can be added to the water leaching solution acidification, so that saponin and precipitation precipitation, in the industrial extraction of glycyrrhetinic acid when using this method.

  • Dilute ethanol leaching method

The concentration of dilute ethanol is selected according to the nature of the raw material, the composition and structure of the saponin. 60% of dilute ethanol is more suitable for raw materials containing high starch, especially for the leaching of neutral saponin insoluble in water. Leaching with dilute ethanol can prevent saponin blistering, while also reducing the leaching of water-soluble impurities and fat-soluble impurities.

  • Ethanol leaching method

The polarity of the smaller, insoluble in water or very difficult to dilute ethanol leaching of saponins can be used as a solvent leaching ethanol. For polar saponins with water or dilute ethanol extraction and too many impurities can also be used when ethanol extraction.

Our Services

BOC Sciences is dedicated to providing extraction, separation and analysis services for natural products and has extensive experience in the extraction of saponins. The extraction procedure is based on the hydrolysis of saponins from plant material to saponin elements using lipophilic organic solvents, or the extraction of saponins followed by hydrolysis to saponin elements, with attention to the hydrolysis conditions for saponin hydrolysis to saponin elements. Usually we provide solvents used for the extraction of saponin elements are ether, chloroform, petroleum ether, benzene and other low-polarity organic solvents.

Services contents

  • Saponin extraction by water extraction technique
  • Dilute ethanol technology for saponin extraction
  • Saponin extraction by ethanol technology

Content for customers

  • Saponin extraction solution
  • Experimental protocol
  • Experimental equipment, parameters, etc.

After the saponin extraction, you can also ask us for the next service content of the crude saponin product according to your needs, we can provide a full range of services for your product as a natural product service provider. If you need, you can contact our staff to complete the saponin refinement, separation, purification, and structural identification services. We will be very eager to help you through every process of your project.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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