Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology Services

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology Services

Reverse osmosis membrane is an artificial semi-permeable membrane with certain characteristics made to simulate a biological semi-permeable membrane. Reverse osmosis technology: Under the effect of osmotic pressure higher than that of the solution, other substances are separated from the solvent on the basis that they cannot pass through the semi-permeable membrane. The membrane pore size of reverse osmosis membranes is very small, so they can remove soluble metal salts, organic matter, bacteria, colloidal particles, and heat-generating substances, i.e., they can trap all ions, and can be used for the concentration of active ingredients in natural products.

Process Parameters Affecting Reverse Osmosis

Recovery rate

A high recovery rate will produce a high brine concentration, which can cause a decrease in permeate flow and an increase in salt passage, leading to membrane contamination or excessive dissolved salt precipitation in concentrated brine, resulting in membrane fouling.


Temperature has an effect on both osmotic pressure and water flux. Water flux is also proportional to temperature and is usually proportional to the temperature-dependent viscosity.


For a given set of feed water conditions, increasing the pressure will result in a higher water flux per unit membrane area.

Pressure Density

Pressure density is caused by the spiral deformation of the polymer membrane throughout the operating time. The pressure density is related to the membrane material, the pressure applied and the temperature.

Concentration Polarization

Concentration polarization increases the osmotic pressure of the solution on the membrane surface, which causes a decrease in water flux and an increase in salt migration through the membrane.

Our Services

Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology Services

BOC Sciences provides reverse osmosis membrane technology services for natural product separation and concentration processes. Based on our professional staff and experimental equipment, we can also offer services for the development of reverse osmosis membrane processes for customers.

Services content

  • Separation and concentration services for natural products
  • Reverse osmosis process solutions
  • Customized project processing services

Our membrane materials should have the following characteristics: high water throughput, high salt retention, resistance to chlorine and other oxides, resistance to biological attack, resistance to contamination by colloids and suspended matter, low cost, easy to make into thin sheets or hollow fibers, high mechanical strength, high pressure resistance, chemical stability, and ability to withstand high temperatures.

What We Offer

In addition to providing the separated product, we also provide experimental solutions, including specific experimental conditions, process procedures, etc.

Applications of Reverse Osmosis Membrane Technology

Reverse osmosis membranes are widely used in pharmaceutical, food and beverage and environmental protection fields, such as applications in seawater desalination, pure water processing, sugar beet concentration and black tea extract concentration.

Advantages of Our Services

  • As a continued leader in natural product separation services, we provide comprehensive one-stop solutions for a wide range of industries and fields.
  • Dedicated research team, including highly educated PhD and MSc staff, to provide effective solutions to our customers.
  • Professional laboratory equipment with advanced analytical techniques.
  • We are a partner you can trust, and our staff is very enthusiastic about communicating with you to ensure you receive the highest quality service.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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