Porous Carbon Material Adsorption Technology Services

Porous Carbon Material Adsorption Technology Services

The use of porous carbon materials for the adsorption of compounds contained within a substance has a porous structure that can accommodate more molecular compounds in order to reduce overall operating costs. In addition, the porous carbon material itself has properties that can effectively increase the fault tolerance in the reaction process. By analyzing the suitable carbon material to be adsorbed, the material can form a directed molecular adsorption system to enhance the overall reaction efficiency. For example, in the separation and purification of ferulic acid, a natural product of Umbelliferae, two adsorbent materials, powder and pellet, were used for the separation. The adsorption effect of ferulic acid on the charcoal powder is greater at low concentration reactions, and the main reason for this phenomenon is that the diffusivity of the powder is higher than that of the pellet state due to the larger contact area between the charcoal powder and the compound at the same mass and volume. After the adsorption is completed, the ferulic acid compound on the charcoal powder can be separated by using a low concentration of sodium hydroxide solution to prepare a higher purity substance.

Common Porous Carbon Materials

Activated carbon

Activated carbon has a porous structure and a large specific surface area, and is capable of adsorbing molecular compounds; therefore, it is often used as an adsorbent in the food industry and manufacturing industries.

Porous Carbon Material Adsorption Technology Services

Carbon nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes are a new type of carbon material with stable physicochemical properties, a large pore structure, and a large specific surface area, so they are often used as an adsorbent for adsorbing drugs, dye macromolecules, pesticides, etc.

Porous Carbon Material Adsorption Technology Services

Mesoporous carbon

In addition to the general advantages of carbon materials, mesoporous carbon also has the advantages of larger pore size and larger mesopore pore capacity, and is widely used in separation and purification, etc.

Porous Carbon Material Adsorption Technology Services

Our Services

Services for separation of natural products from porous carbon materials

BOC Sciences offers customized services for the separation and purification of natural products through adsorption of porous carbon materials, which can be used for your products in the fields of medicine, food, and cosmetics.

Services to improve the functional properties of porous carbon materials

  • Degassing, high temperature heating, hydrogenation and treatment with carbonyl chloride or chlorine to remove functional groups from the surface, increase the hydrophobicity of porous carbon and improve its adsorption capacity for organic matter in water.
  • Oxidation of porous carbon with hypochlorite, permanganate, dichromate, ozone and air or electrochemical treatment can greatly increase the content of functional groups on the surface, making the surface hydrophilic and even producing adsorbents that are more easily dehydrated and dehumidified than zeolite molecular sieves.

Advantages of Our Services

  • The laboratory is equipped with a variety of experimental equipment to ensure process development, process optimization, preparation separation, impurity analysis and structure identification services for the separation of natural products, with anhydrous and oxygen-free, hydrogenation, high temperature and high pressure, ultra-low temperature and other experimental conditions.
  • We have strong technical research and development capabilities and have accumulated rich experience in process development and amplification of highly difficult natural products.
  • Our service staff is very enthusiastic and energetic, and will develop various product solutions for you.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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