Partition Chromatography Services

Partition Chromatography Services

Partition chromatography is a method of separating substances based on the partitioning of one or more compounds, between two unmixed solvents. When the mobile phase carries the components of the sample in the chromatographic direction, the components of the sample are partitioned between the two solvents, the mobile phase and the stationary phase, and when the partition coefficients of the different components differ, they move at different rates and are separated.

Factors Affecting Partition Chromatography

  • Stationary phase

The stationary phase for partition chromatography is usually water, but also dilute acids, methanol, and other polar solvents that are applied to the carrier by adsorption or bonding.

  • Solvents

The selection of solvents is based on the principle that they should not be mutually soluble, their polarity should be different, and the solubility of the sample in the stationary phase should be slightly greater than its solubility in the mobile phase.

  • Operating temperature

Keep the temperature as constant as possible during the experiment.

  • Sample preparation

Use the same solvent as the stationary solution to prepare the sample solution.

  • Control of sample volume

The amount of sample loading depends on the amount of fixative.

Our Services

BOC Sciences offers services for the separation of natural products using distribution chromatography. Our staff selects the properties of the stationary phase as well as the form based on the properties of the molecules to be separated and purified. Selecting the right solution from the outset simplifies the development, scale-up and commercialization of the chromatography process.

BOC Sciences offers solutions for natural product separations, covering a comprehensive range of separation techniques and methods for a wide variety of processes and natural product molecules of different sizes and properties.

Service content

  • Isolation and characterization of amino acids
  • Isolation and identification of tannins
  • Isolation and identification of alkaloids
  • Separation and identification of carbohydrates
  • Separation and identification of glycosides

Our Advantages

Our Advantages of Partition Chromatography Services

The Leader in Partition Chromatography Solutions

BOC Sciences offers a wide range of separation technologies and services, and our experts will help you make the right choice to meet your needs for flexibility, yield, and cost effectiveness.

  • Reusable and single-use modular designs available for batch processing and enhanced processes.
  • Versatile chromatography systems to meet a wide range of separation needs in natural product processes.
  • Expertly tailored solutions to help customers complete their project requirements on a one-to-one basis.

Service Process

Service Process of Partition Chromatography Services

About Us

BOC Sciences is an innovator and manufacturer of natural products, and we meet the market demand for natural product monomers. Our expert team has extensive experience in all synthesis stages and has successfully contributed numerous compounds for the fields of medicine, agriculture and environment. The production, testing, packaging and release of all compounds follow strict specifications. If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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