Natural Products Test

Natural Products Test

BOC Sciences provides analysis and testing services for natural products. Our natural products laboratory provides analytical testing services for life science enterprises, entrepreneurs and researchers, including GC and HPLC methods tailored to your ingredients or finished products. We are always looking to expand our services by launching new projects. You can visit our BOC Sciences' natural products laboratory services to learn more about natural products test.

Our Services

The testing of natural products includes the identification of active ingredients of natural products, the identification of natural products and the screening of active ingredients, which is an important part of the current innovative drug development. Natural products contain a wide variety of chemical components, complex structure, low content, extraction - separation - chemical structure identification is an indispensable technology and means to study the effective substances of natural products. BOC Sciences provides a one-stop service for the extraction, separation, purification, identification and screening of natural products based on its own equipment and technology.

Services contents

The unique physiological activity of natural products can be used for a variety of biological activity detection, including antibacterial activity detection, anti-tumor activity detection, anti-HIV activity detection, anti-inflammatory activity detection services. We can demonstrate the molecular/cellular activity of natural products, including receptor binding activity, enzyme inhibition activity, effect on cell proliferation activity, and screen the active ingredients of natural products for our clients.

We have a natural product identification platform and provide high resolution mass spectrometry tandem equipment, namely ultra high performance liquid chromatography mass spectrometry tandem equipment and mass spectrometry tandem equipment. We continually enrich our secondary spectral database with natural compound standards, enabling rapid and accurate qualitative analysis of natural compounds.

BOC Sciences provides specialized natural product activity screening services, which currently include anti-tumor and anti-inflammatory drug activity screening, nervous system drug activity screening, cardiovascular system drug activity screening, metabolic disease drug activity screening, cosmetic skin and antimicrobial drug activity screening.

Scope of Services

Our services support product development and regulatory compliance through the identification and efficacy verification of natural product ingredients. We offer a full range of chemical, biochemical and microbiological tests for natural ingredients in raw materials and finished products. We have extensive expertise in phytochemicals used in raw materials and finished products, including phenols, flavonoids, alkaloids and terpenoids.

Instrument for testing

Provides high performance liquid chromatography, gas chromatography, carbon spectrometry, hydrogen spectrometry, high resolution mass spectrometry and circular binary chromatography (CD) experimental tests.

Our Advantages

  • BOC Sciences has a wide range of large analytical instruments that can be used in combination; Ensure the accuracy of analytical data.
  • Powerful spectrum library resources combined with engineers years of technical experience to ensure the accuracy of data.
  • BOC Sciences has experienced and segmented analysts who are familiar with the needs of their clients and can help them solve problems more quickly.
  • BOC Sciences continues to improve its technical level and innovate its service model to provide customers with reliable and accurate service support.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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