Natural Products Purification Services

Natural Products Purification Services

Natural products are characterized by structural diversity, bioactive diversity and drug-like properties, and also play a very important role in the development of green biopesticides, health functional foods and natural cosmetics. The extraction and isolation of active ingredients in natural drugs is very complex and must go through a complex separation and purification process, taking into account the purity, moisture ratio, incineration residue, residual solvent and other parameters to obtain pure compounds with high purity, and their structure identification can also be highly accurate.

Factors Affecting Purification

  • Purity

The end use of the target product determines the purity requirements, and the relationship between the purity achieved and the amount of work put into the extraction of the natural product is often close to exponential.

  • Recovery

Loss of product occurs at every step in the extraction of natural products, and obtaining very high purity inevitably results in the loss of more of the target product, so biochemical engineers must perform process optimization and scale-up studies from the laboratory to production to maximize recovery while considering purity.

  • Cost

The required purity and the time required for purification are the two key factors that determine the final cost. Improving the efficiency of the separation and reducing the number of purification steps is an important way to reduce costs.

  • Safety

The active ingredients of natural products must be removed from harmful or even toxic components, while the separation process should avoid environmental pollution and reduce the use of toxic and harmful solvents as much as possible.

Our Services

There are many purification methods for natural products, including column chromatography, thin layer chromatography, pH gradient extraction, solvent extraction, lead salt precipitation, boric acid complexation, as well as high performance liquid chromatography, liquid drop countercurrent chromatography, gas phase chromatography, microemulsion thin layer chromatography, etc. BOC Sciences can provide one-stop services for extraction, separation, purification, refinement, analytical testing experiments, spectral analysis, and structural identification of natural products to solve customers' problems in natural product chemistry-related fields to the greatest extent.

Natural Products Purification Services

Purification procedure

After the primary separation, a high-resolution separation step is required to remove the remaining impurity components. Although the primary separation may result in a crude fraction for subsequent purification, the purification process can be further adapted and improved during the purification phase to achieve the desired goal. In the purification stage, the separation method used needs to be selected according to the distribution coefficient of the substance, molecular weight size, polarity level, ionic charge nature and the difference in external environmental conditions.

Whether the client needs a systematic study of native chemical components in plants, a rapid separation and purification of quality components, or the tracing and enrichment of active compounds in active fractions, we can provide professional technical support. For structure identification, BOC Sciences is equipped with a full range of testing equipment, including UPLC-Q/TOF-MS and NMR spectrometers. Our researchers are skilled in the structural analysis of compounds and have extensive experience in mass spectrometry and NMR data analysis, enabling them to effectively complete the structural identification of natural products.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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