Natural Polysaccharide Extraction Services

Natural Polysaccharide Extraction Services

Natural polysaccharides are mainly extracted and separated from plants or agricultural by-products in nature, and the commonly used extraction methods are: hot water extraction, acid extraction, alkali extraction and enzymatic method. Hot water extraction method is easy to operate, but for polysaccharides that are easily soluble in water, hot water extraction method is not suitable. Acid leaching and alkali leaching method is easy to make part of polysaccharide hydrolysis, thus destroying the active structure of polysaccharide and reducing the yield of polysaccharide. Enzymatic method is to remove most of the proteins by protease decomposition first, and then extract polysaccharides from the solution, which can make the concentration process and the subsequent deproteinization process easy and time-saving, and improve the yield of crude polysaccharides and protein removal rate.

Polysaccharide Extraction Process

  • Water extraction and alcohol precipitation method

When extracting, the raw material is generally degreased and free pigmented first, then extracted with water or dilute acid, dilute alkali, dilute salt solution, and the extract is concentrated and precipitated with equal weight or several times of methanol or ethanol, propanol, to obtain crude polysaccharide.

  • Membrane separation method

Using the different relative molecular mass of polysaccharides, mechanical separation is achieved when passing through the semi-permeable membrane. Then it is concentrated and dried at low temperature to obtain crude polysaccharide.

  • Ultrasonic extraction method

Using ultrasonic waves to crush cell tissues to improve the solubility and leaching rate of sugars in the extraction solution, which is conducive to improving the extraction rate of sugars.

  • Supercritical extraction method

Using CO2 and other gases to present special liquid phase characteristics under supercritical conditions to extract sugar substances from raw materials.

Our Services

Natural Polysaccharide Extraction Services

BOC Sciences provides services for the extraction process of various types of polysaccharides. We have professional knowledge and technology related to natural product extraction and can help our customers to perform polysaccharide extraction well. The following are the services we can provide for the extraction of plant, fungal and animal polysaccharides.

  • Plant polysaccharide extraction services

Raw material pretreatment: Washing and drying of plant raw materials.

Extraction of plant polysaccharides: The extraction process is developed by adjusting various factors such as the purity of water, type of acid, raw material-acid pH, operating temperature, extraction time, acid dosage and raw material particle size.

Filtration: Select the appropriate filtration method to make the plant raw material solution clarified and transparent.

Concentration: The raw material extracts that are easily decomposed by heat need to be concentrated by vacuum evaporation.

  • Extraction service of fungal polysaccharide

Clean and dry - water leaching extraction - coarse filtration to remove impurities - concentration -precipitation - Drying

  • Animal polysaccharide extraction services

Enzymatic hydrolysis - Ion-exchange adsorption - Washing and elution

Although the services we provide are for the extraction of polysaccharides, you can also consult us for the extraction of monosaccharides and oligosaccharides if you need.

In addition to the above extraction services, we offer a full range of services for natural polysaccharides. These include separation services (techniques suitable for polysaccharide separation include chromatography, dialysis, precipitation, etc.) and structure identification testing services.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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