Nanofiltration Technology Services

Nanofiltration Technology Services

Nanofiltration membrane is a pressure-driven membrane between ultrafiltration membrane and reverse osmosis membrane. Due to its lower operating pressure, it allows some inorganic salts, especially monovalent salt ions, to pass through for separation and organic matter separation, has different selectivity for monovalent and divalent ions, and has high retention of small molecules (molecular weight less than 1000 Dalton) organic matter, among other features. Its transmembrane pressure (up to 3 MPa) is less than that required for reverse osmosis, thus greatly reducing operating costs. Filtration technology is based on the appropriate pore sizes on the membrane surface through which the liquid will pass. These pore sizes are typically less than 10 nm, and nanofiltration is often used to remove ions from different solutions.

Characteristics of Nanofiltration Membranes

Nanofiltration membranes are widely used in the treatment of tap water and drinking water, and in the manufacture of food, biological and pharmaceutical products. As a high-precision filtration membrane, nanofiltration membrane has the following characteristics:

  1. No phase change or chemical reaction in the filtration process, and no other impurities are brought in.
  2. It can remove salt, and a large number of common dissolved salts can be removed by nanofiltration membrane.
  3. High recovery rate in the process.
  4. Small footprint of equipment, low energy consumption.
  5. Easy to operate and maintain.

Our Services

Nanofiltration Technology Services

BOC Sciences provides professional nanofiltration membrane technology services to effectively separate low relative molecular mass substances from other substances for clarification and refinement, and has been successfully applied to the concentration and purification of some natural products.

Services content

  • Separation and concentration of natural products (separation using nanofiltration membrane technology)
  • Nanofiltration membrane technology optimization
  • Solutions for the separation of natural products

In addition to the services mentioned above, you can also consult us to get the services you want. We assure you that your project will be highly valued and that we will provide you with satisfactory services.

Why should nanofiltration membranes be cleaned regularly?

The general cleaning cycle for nanofiltration membranes is mainly based on the use of the membrane element, which is usually around three months, but when the water production of the membrane element decreases, it is time to clean the nanofiltration membrane. It is also important to be prepared for nanofiltration membrane cleaning by using high quality water without residual chlorine and other oxidants for flushing as much as possible. When preparing the cleaning solution, make sure that the cleaning chemicals are well dissolved and mixed before entering the element cycle.

Service Process

  • Contact us and select the technical solution for the required separation
  • Fill out the form and send samples
  • Finalize the protocol and conduct experiments
  • Feedback on results

Advantages of Our Services

Leading laboratory equipment and technical capabilities

  • BOC Sciences' extensive range of operations and laboratory resources, as well as large chemical centers, provide strong support for rapid separation services.
  • BOC Sciences has extensive experience working with a number of companies in the chemical and other fields, and can better assist customers with product separation and solutions.
  • Professional testing equipment and professional researchers can meet your service requirements.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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