Microfiltration Technology Services

Microfiltration Technology Services

Microfiltration is a precision filtration technology based primarily on the principle of sieving, which generally has a pore size range of 0.1 to 75.0 microns and is intermediate between conventional filtration and ultrafiltration. The application of microfiltration technology has dramatically evolved from laboratory microbiological testing to a wide range of fields such as pharmaceuticals, environmental testing, beverage and deep drinking water treatment, etc. BOC Sciences can provide you with professional natural product separation services using microfiltration membrane technology to help you quickly complete the separation of your products for related product development.

Microfiltration Operation Process

Dead-end Filtration

In dead-end filtration, solvent and solute particles smaller than the membrane pores are pushed through the membrane under pressure, while solute particles larger than the membrane pores are trapped and usually accumulate on the membrane surface. As time increases, more and more particles accumulate on the membrane surface and the permeability of the membrane will decrease, at which point it is necessary to stop and clean the membrane surface or replace the membrane.

Staggered Flow Filtration

The liquid flows along the surface of the membrane, which generates shear force on the retained material on the membrane surface and makes it partially return to the main stream, thus reducing the contamination of the membrane. The membrane permeation rate can also be maintained at a high level for a relatively long period of time.

Factors Affecting Microfiltration Technology

Mechanical retention, adsorption retention, bridging and network retention within the membrane affect the flux of the membrane. At the same time, pressure, temperature, concentration and agitation rate are all factors that influence membrane flux. Adjustment of these factors will benefit the efficiency of the microfiltration technology and the lifetime of the membrane.

Our Services

Microfiltration Technology Services

BOC Sciences is equipped with specialized instrumentation to accommodate a wide range of viscosity feeds. In order to meet the needs of the natural products separation industry, the equipment provided is acid and alkali resistant, high temperature resistant and contamination resistant. Our technical experts can provide our customers with a professional solution customization service to analyze the composition of the mixture to be separated and to select the most suitable and economical separation solution for our customers.

Services content

  • Separation of natural products
  • Separation solutions for mixtures
  • Optimization of microfiltration technology

In addition to the above services, we can also provide other related services such as cleaning of microfiltration membranes, maintenance and other related technical work to serve you better in all aspects.


  1. Water treatment industry: removal of suspended matter, micro particles and bacteria from water.
  2. pharmaceutical industry: medical pure water de-bacterization, de-pyrogenization, drug de-bacterization.
  3. Food industry: removal of suspended matter, microorganisms and odor impurities, yeast and mold in beverages, wine, soy sauce, vinegar and other foods, clarification and filtration of fruit juice.
  4. Chemical industry: the filtration and clarification of various chemicals.

Advantages of Our Services

  • Professional team

Practitioners with many years of industry-related experience and professional technical staff.

  • Comprehensive and integrated services

In addition to providing natural product separation services, we can also provide optimization services for microfiltration and other technologies.

  • Competitive price

We Provide economical prices.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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