Flavonoids Extraction Services

Flavonoids Extraction Services

Flavonoids are a group of polyphenolic compounds that are widely distributed in the plant kingdom and have a wide range of biological activities. BOC Sciences currently has experience with a number of projects related to natural product extraction and isolation, and can help you develop your project for better application in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other fields.

Flavonoid Natural Product Extraction Techniques

  • Solvent extraction method

Using the different polarity of flavonoids and mixed impurities, different solvents are selected for extraction, which can not only separate flavonoids from impurities, but also separate glycosides from glycosides or polar glycosides from non-polar glycosides from each other.

  • Alkali extraction and acid precipitation method

Most of the flavonoids molecules contain phenolic hydroxyl groups, weakly acidic, easily soluble in alkaline water and difficult to dissolve in acidic water, so you can use alkaline aqueous solution or alkaline dilute alcohol to extract. After the extraction solution is acidified, the flavonoids can be precipitated and precipitated.

  • Carbon powder adsorption method

It is mainly suitable for the refinement of glycosides. In the methanolic crude extract of the plant, activated charcoal is added in stages, stirred and left to stand until the supernatant is free of flavonoid reaction in the qualitative test check; filtered and the eluate of each part is checked qualitatively.

  • Ion exchange method

Ion exchange method can be used to remove the water-soluble impurities in flavonoids. Because cation and anion exchange resin can adsorb flavonoid components. When the aqueous solution containing flavonoids passes through the resin, the flavonoids are adsorbed on the resin, while other water-soluble impurities can be removed by water washing. The flavonoid compounds are then eluted off the resin with methanol.

Our Services

BOC Sciences offers an integrated service for the extraction, refinement, separation, purification, and structural identification of flavonoid natural products. Based on the skills and experience of our chemistry and botany professionals, we can efficiently assist you in the extraction of flavonoids from plants.

Flavonoids Extraction Services

Extraction steps of flavonoids from plants

  • Raw material processing

Raw material processing includes drying, crushing and other processes. If the raw material contains a large amount of impurities such as oil, wax and chlorophyll, it is degreased by using petroleum wake or hexane.

  • Leaching

Extraction of flavonoid compounds is generally based on the presence of flavonoid compounds in the form of extraction solvent selection. Most flavonoid glycosides with less polar solvent, and polymethoxyflavonoid free glycosides, available benzene for extraction.

  • Refining

The crude extract of flavonoids obtained by leaching needs to be further refined and purified to remove impurities mixed in the leaching process.

  • Separation

Separation of flavonoids is mainly based on their different polarity, acidity and alkalinity, molecular size and the existence of certain special structures in the molecule and other properties. The method of separation can be chosen from our separation techniques, and the available methods are chromatography, extraction, etc.

In addition to the above, you can also consult our follow-up services to help you further purify the flavonoids obtained after separation, and later identify them by HPLC, HPLC-MS and other instruments to help you quickly complete the integrated project of extraction-separation-identification of natural products.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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