Fats and Oils Extraction Services

Fats and Oils Extraction Services

Fats and oils are glycerides of higher fatty acids, which are widely found in the tissues and cells of plants and animals, especially in the seeds of plants. Animal fats contain mostly saturated fatty acids, while vegetable oils contain mostly unsaturated fatty acids. Lipids mainly include waxes, phospholipids, terpenoids and ligand compounds. BOC Sciences can provide services for the development of extraction processes for natural oils and fats, and in addition to extraction services, we can also provide integrated services for the refining, separation, purification and identification of natural oil and fat products.

Oil Extraction Technology

The extraction of oils and fats is mostly done by direct extraction with low boiling point solvents, or by solvent extraction or centrifugal separation after destroying the organic matter with acids and bases. At present, the main methods available for oil extraction are: soxhlet extraction, saponification, acidic ethanol extraction, alkaline ethanol extraction and rapid method.

  • Organic solvent method

The most simple and easy to use, in industrial production, by the ball mill or high pressure homogenization treatment of broken bacteria, can be considered to use organic solvent extraction of oil.

  • Soxhlet extraction method

The most commonly used method in oil extraction, the highest yield of oil, but also the longest time consuming, the sample needs to be dried first, and the amount of samples needed is also large.

  • Supercritical CO2 extraction method

This method can be operated at room temperature, can effectively prevent the oxidation and decomposition of the extract, no solvent residue, high safety, but need to have special instruments and equipment.

Our Services

Fats and Oils Extraction Services

BOC Sciences provides extraction services for natural oils and fats. We currently offer a wide range of extraction types, including microbial, animal and plant.

  • Microbial lipid extraction services

To extract lipid compounds from microorganisms, the necessary pretreatment of microbial cells is necessary. The main pre-treatment processes are: dry bacterium grinding method, dry bacterium dilute hydrochloric acid co-boiling method, bacterium autolysis method and bacterium protein denaturation method.

  • Animal fat extraction services

The methods of animal fats and oils extraction include liquid-liquid extraction, dry column method and supercritical fluid extraction method.

  • Vegetable oil extraction services

The main methods to produce vegetable oil from oil seeds are pressing and leaching. Before pressing or leaching, the oilseeds are crushed, crushed, rolled blanks, baked or steamed and fried to destroy the cell structure of the oilseeds by mechanical and thermal means to achieve favorable oil production conditions.

  • Optimization services

We can provide oil extraction process optimization services, based on single-factor experiments, to determine the extraction temperature, time, material-to-liquid ratio and other experimental factors for the central combination.

In addition to the above services, you can also consult our team to ensure that you are satisfied with our services for the separation, purification and identification of natural products.

Why Choose Us?

BOC Sciences, as a supplier of natural product products and services, can provide our customers with high-quality natural products along with integrated services for extraction, separation, purification and identification of natural products. Our expert chemical and biological researchers will customize solutions for your project and help you move quickly through product development.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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