Essential Oil Extraction Services

Essential Oil Extraction Services

Plant essential oils, also known as volatile oils or essential oils, are oily liquids with an aromatic scent, derived from flowers, bracts, leaves, branches, roots, bark, fruits, seeds and resins of herbs, extracted by distillation, pressing, solvent extraction, etc. These highly volatile substances, which can be absorbed into the body by the mucous membrane tissue of the nasal cavity, send messages directly to the brain and regulate emotions and physiological functions of the body through the limbic system of the brain. BOC Sciences provides essential oil extraction services for plants.

Choice of Essential Oil Extraction Methods

Water steam distillation is one of the main methods for producing aromatic oils due to the simplicity of the equipment and the ease of operation. The main points to consider when extracting are the following.

  • The aromatic plant when in contact with hot water and water vapor. Most of the components in aromatic plants are heat-sensitive substances and should be considered first when choosing the processing method.
  • The volatility of the fragrance components contained in the aromatic plants. Some fragrant plants have poor volatility of fragrant components and can only be extracted.
  • The part and structure of the essential oil present in the plant tissue. Containing essential oil oil capsule of citrus peel, its oil capsule is larger, and mostly located in the shallow part of the outer cortex, plus the tissue structure of citrus peel is relatively soft, so it is suitable for pressing to extract oil.
  • After the fragrant flowers are picked, the fragrance can continue to be released under suitable conditions. In the petals combined into the fragrance components of the xie, under the action of enzymes can continue to release the free fragrance components, such as the use of adsorption method, the oil yield can be increased.

Our Services

Essential Oil Extraction Services

Based on the professional laboratory instruments and equipment owned by BOC Sciences, we can provide our clients with natural product extraction services. We have a full range of integrated services for plant essential oil extraction, including raw material pretreatment, essential oil extraction, refining, separation and purification services, you can find the corresponding services.

Extraction process of essential oils

  • Preparation of raw materials

Harvesting of raw materials - Although various raw materials are different and have different requirements, they should be stored for a period of time after harvesting and then distilled to help improve the content of essential oils.

Storage and storage of raw materials - if you can not process in time, can be stored in a dry, cool, well-ventilated warehouse, if necessary, you can install air conditioning equipment. But we should pay attention to the airflow should not be too strong, otherwise it will cause the volatilization of essential oil. If the temperature of the warehouse is too high, it will make the essential oil oxidation, etc.

Crushing of raw materials - the purpose of crushing is to expose more oil cells for fast distillation.

  • Extraction of essential oils

The chemical composition of essential oils is very complex, mainly terpenes and their derivatives, but also contains aromatic compounds, but their common point is that they are volatile and can be distilled out with water vapor. Depending on the source of raw materials, parts of the essential oil extraction methods also vary, commonly used methods are water vapor distillation, leaching method, pressing method and adsorption method four categories.

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