Bioactivity Determination

Bioactivity Determination

Natural products are compounds with certain biological functions produced by living organisms including plants, microorganisms, animals and marine organisms. They are produced by the secondary metabolic processes of living organisms and therefore belongs to the category of secondary metabolism. The chemical structure and function of natural products have been selected and optimized over a long period of evolution, and the unique structural units they possess give many natural products the ability to bind specifically to specific targets and exhibit good bioactivity, allowing them to be used directly as drugs in the treatment of disease. BOC Sciences can perform a variety of bioactivity tests through the unique physiological activity of natural products, including services such as antibacterial activity determination, antitumor activity determination, anti-HIV activity determination and anti-inflammatory activity determination.

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Bioactivity Determination

BOC Sciences has established high-throughput natural product screening technology, high-content natural product screening technology, biochip technology, and computerized virtual screening technology, etc. We have conducted systematic bioactivity studies to demonstrate the molecular/cellular level activities of natural products, mainly including receptor binding activity, enzyme inhibition activity, and effects on cell proliferation activity, etc., and screened the active ingredients of natural products for our clients.

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We select Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and other microorganisms as the strains to be tested, and determine the inhibitory activity of the target compounds to the strains by dilution spotting method.

Natural products can inhibit tumor cell invasion and migration, induce apoptosis, induce autophagy, induce cell cycle arrest, interfere with mitosis, and affect DNA production. Enzyme markers are used to calculate the rate of inhibition of cell growth by natural products.

Natural products inhibit the formation of reverse transcriptase, protein hydrolase and integrase, thereby inhibiting HIV replication.

The prepared cell suspensions are incubated in an incubator and the natural products are added. The absorbance value is measured and the inhibition rate is calculated.

  • Optimization of natural product modification

Through the activity test and conformational study, the pharmacophore is determined and the structure other than the pharmacophore is optimized, such as alkylation, acylation, sulfonation, phosphorylation, etc. Structural modification of natural products can also be performed by using microorganisms or their produced enzymes, including various reaction types such as glycosylation, hydroxylation, epoxidation, methylation, isomerization, esterification, hydrolysis, rearrangement, etc. It can also simplify the structure of natural products, which is conducive to artificial scale synthesis; eliminate unnecessary chiral centers, which can reduce toxic side effects; introduce solubilizing groups or other functional structural fragments, which can improve solubility and activity. Structural modification of natural products can significantly improve their drug formation rate and accelerate the process of new drug development.

  • Natural product screening

Using the natural product sample library and information database, we ensure the reliability of natural product screening technology and the validity of screening results through natural product activity evaluation and research technology methods.

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