Antitumor Activity Determination

Antitumor Activity Determination

Cancer is a serious health hazard to human beings, and it is important to search for active ingredients from natural products for the prevention and treatment of malignant tumors. Currently, 79 out of 99 small molecule anticancer drugs have been successfully developed based on natural products, such as paclitaxel, camptothecin and vincristine, which are popular antitumor drugs. In general, natural products can inhibit tumor cell invasion and migration, induce apoptosis, induce autophagy, induce cell cycle arrest, interfere with mitosis, affect DNA production, generate anti-tumor blood vessels, and reverse cellular multidrug resistance. BOC Sciences can help our customers to quickly analyze the efficacy and effects of natural products in order to better develop their applications.

Natural products with antitumor effects

  • Terpenoids compounds

Oleanolic acid is a kind of pentacyclic triterpenoids existing in plants in the form of free bodies and ligand bodies. Oleanolic acid has an inhibitory effect on various cancer cells such as esophageal cancer, lung cancer, liver cancer, breast cancer and pancreatic cancer. The mechanism of its inhibition is also various, such as blocking the tumor cell cycle, promoting the autophagy of tumor cells, inhibiting the proliferation and migration of tumor cells, and regulating the immune response of the body.

  • Alkaloid compounds

Alkaloid compounds have anti-tumor, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, antiviral, anti-arrhythmic, analgesic, spasmolysis and other biological activities. Among plant-derived antitumor drugs, some alkaloids have been clinically used in the treatment of breast tumors, among which vinorelbine and paclitaxel have been recognized as having good therapeutic effects in the treatment of breast tumors.

  • Saponin compounds

Saponins have anti-tumor, anti-bacterial, anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation, anti-diabetes, regulating blood lipids, anti-hypertension, immune protection and other effects, and have potential pharmacological activities in promoting the proliferation of human fibroblasts, inducing tissue regeneration and promoting wound healing.

Our Services

Antitumor Activity Determination

As a professional provider of natural products and services, BOC Sciences is able to provide customers with a full range of natural products and services as well as products. We can provide you with anti-tumor activity test of natural products, help you to analyze the efficacy of natural products, so as to facilitate the commercial development of products. At the same time, we also provide the separation and purification of natural products to help you quickly locate the active ingredients in natural products.

Anti-tumor activity test

  • Sample pretreatment

Take natural products, ultraviolet disinfection overnight, with a certain concentration of mother liquor, refrigerator storage, reserve.

  • Cell culture

HepG2 cells, A549 cells and HeLa cells were cultured in a cell incubator using complete culture medium.

  • Cell suspension was prepared

The cells to be tested were digested adherent cells in the exponential growth phase, and the cell suspension was prepared using the complete culture medium.

  • Cell activity assay

The natural product was placed in the cell suspension, and the inhibition rate of the natural product on the cell growth was calculated by using the enzyme marker.

Screening of active ingredients from natural products

We can help you evaluate the anti-tumor efficacy of natural products. On this basis, we also provide follow-up separation and purification of active ingredients in natural products to speed up the commercialization process of your products.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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