Antibacterial Activity Determination

Antibacterial Activity Determination

Natural products not only have diverse structures, but also most of them have rich pharmacological activities. BOC Sciences can provide professional antimicrobial activity tests and activity screening tests to help customers analyze the effectiveness of natural products and their antimicrobial ability for better application in the pharmaceutical and biological industries.

Antibacterial mechanism

  • Disrupting the cell wall and cell membrane of pathogenic bacteria

Cell walls and cell membranes are important cellular structures that ensure the integrity of cells, maintain cell morphology, and resist the invasion of foreign substances. The results of existing studies show that natural products can inhibit the formation of cell wall and cell membrane and destroy their integrity; increase the permeability of cell membrane, reduce the fluidity, and cause the outflow of cell contents, which eventually leads to cell death, thus achieving the effect of bacterial inhibition.

  • Affect membrane potential and intracellular pH value

Natural products can cause abnormal cell membrane potential, cause depolarization or hyperpolarization of cell membrane potential of bacteria, and change the intracellular acid-base environment, thus affecting bacterial growth.

  • Inhibit the synthesis of biomolecules

Bacteria inhibiting substances enter the organism and prevent the normal formation of proteins and nucleic acids, affecting the normal metabolism and physiological functions of the organism and leading to cell death.

  • Affect cellular energy metabolism

Adenosine 5'-triphosphate is the most direct source of energy in living organisms. Natural products can reduce the amount of ATP in cells by altering the permeability of cell membranes, or inhibit the synthesis of ATP by controlling cellular respiratory metabolic pathways to achieve bacterial inhibition.

Our Services

Antibacterial Activity Determination

BOC Sciences is dedicated to the bioactivity testing of natural products, of which antimicrobial activity testing is of great value in the pharmaceutical and biological industries. We can provide our customers with different strains of bacteria, and you can choose the items to be tested according to your needs. We also offer multiple testing services for the isolation and purification of natural product active ingredients, which can help you in your product development.

Antibacterial activity test

At BOC Sciences, you can select microorganisms such as Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus subtilis as the strains to be tested and use the dilution spotting method to determine the inhibitory activity of the target compounds against the strains to be tested.

Activity screening test

A screening test for the antibacterial activity of natural products can be performed by combining the metabolic characteristics of microorganisms with headspace gas chromatography detection technology. The amount of CO2 released during the metabolism of microorganisms can be measured to reflect the monitoring of microbial cellular activity and reproductive capacity, establishing a new method that can determine the antibacterial activity of natural products or functional compounds contained in them by measuring the amount of CO2 produced by metabolism in a drug-bacteria culture system. A new method for determining the antimicrobial activity of natural products or functional compounds contained therein by measuring the amount of carbon dioxide produced by metabolism in a drug-bacterial culture system. This method is simpler and safer for microbial detection due to in situ incubation and detection in a closed system and is suitable for routine analysis of antimicrobial activity of natural products.

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