Anti-micellar Beam Extraction Technology Services for Natural Products

Anti-micellar Beam Extraction Technology Services for Natural Products

In the anti-micellar solution, the nonpolar tails of the surfactants constituting the anti-micellar bundle extend outward into the nonpolar solvent, while the polar heads are arranged inward to form a polar nucleus. Proteins and other hydrophilic substances are able to enter the polar nucleus of the anticellular bundle, and the natural conformation of proteins is maintained due to the protection of the surrounding water layer and the polar head. The anticellular beam extraction method for natural product extraction has advantages that other traditional extraction and separation methods do not have: low cost, short process, high throughput, less deactivation, repeated use of solvents, high extraction and reverse extraction rates, etc. BOC Sciences can use an anticellular beam solution with hydrocarbons as the solvent as the extractant to separate the oil and protein from the plant through a series of operations.

Our Services

BOC Sciences is committed to providing our customers with services for natural product extraction by anti-micellar technology to help them complete their natural product extraction projects. Based on our current professional laboratory and professional staff with many years of experience, we have more technical experience in the business of plant protein extraction of natural products and believe we can help you.

Service content

The anti-micellar method, as a new technology, allows the optimization of extraction processes and the study of extraction process kinetics by modulating the influencing factors. The specific services we offer include the following:

  • Separation of plant proteins and oils

In the separation of proteins and oils, the organic phase dissolves the oils and fats and the "pool" dissolves the proteins and other active substances.

  • Separation of plant protein fractions and protein mixtures

The separation of protein mixtures and plant protein fractions by anti-micellar system is based on the differences of isoelectric point, relative molecular mass and amino acid composition of different protein species, and the relevant parameters of the system are adjusted by changing the partition coefficients of preextraction and postextraction to selectively extract the target protein into the organic or aqueous phase, so as to achieve the graded separation of protein mixtures.

  • Process development for anti-micellar extraction

Our research team can help customers solve problems encountered in anti-micellar extraction of proteins and provide solutions. For example, effective surfactant effects on the product; provide process and research for development, simulation, and scale-up of anti-micellar extraction technology to help customers utilize the technology for protein extraction faster and better.

Our Advantages

Our Advantages of Anti-micellar Beam Extraction Technology Services for Natural Products

Service Process

Service Process of Anti-micellar Beam Extraction Technology Services for Natural Products

About Us

BOC Sciences is an innovator and manufacturer of natural products, and we meet the market demand for natural product monomers. Our expert team has extensive experience in all synthesis stages and has successfully contributed numerous compounds for the fields of medicine, agriculture and environment. The production, testing, packaging and release of all compounds follow strict specifications. If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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