Anti-HIV Activity Determination

Anti-HIV Activity Determination

AIDS, also known as acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, is a systemic immunodeficiency disease caused by infection with human immunodeficiency virus. There is an urgent need to develop new anti-HIV drugs with higher antiviral effect, lower toxic side effects and higher resistance barrier. Natural products have significant anti-HIV active ingredients. BOC Sciences can provide such services to help clients quickly detect the active anti-HIV components in natural products for use in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sources of Anti-HIV Natural Products

  • Polyphenolic compounds

Phenolic compounds such as oregano oil, carvacrol and muscimol polyphenols may be potential complementary drugs for current HIV treatment.

  • Terpenoids compounds

Terpenoids have many physiologically active substances, including potent anti-HIV components.

The production of terpenoids has not been fully elucidated.

  • Alkaloids compounds

Natural alkaloids include a variety of active components that inhibit and block HIV infection and are classified into isoquinoline alkaloids, quinoline alkaloids, macrocyclic alkaloids, piperidine alkaloids, scopolamine alkaloids, indole alkaloids, carbazole alkaloids, marine polycyclic guanidine alkaloids, terpene alkaloids, manzamine alkaloids, and others according to their different chemical structure types.

Screening Methods for Anti-HIV Natural Products

  • Cell lines

Currently, the commonly used cell lines for screening exogenous drugs are human T-lymphotropic virus type I infected cell lines, MT-4 cell lines and MT-2 cell lines. Peripheral blood mononuclear cells isolated from the blood of healthy HIV-negative persons can also be used for exogenous drug screening.

  • Target of action

The three main enzymes in the replication process of HIV-1 are reverse transcriptase, proteolytic enzyme and integrase, which play corresponding roles in different stages of the reproduction process of HIV-1. Some natural products scavenge free radicals and inhibit HIV replication.

Our Services

BOC Sciences provides a full range of natural product services in addition to natural product products for our customers. From natural product extraction, isolation, purification, structure identification to efficacy testing, our services are complete and comprehensive, saving you a lot of time and money.

Anti-HIV activity test

BOC Sciences provides a professional biochemical laboratory and the required viral vivo. We offer anti-HIV activity testing to analyze the efficacy and active ingredients of your products.

Screening of active anti-HIV ingredients

Depending on the screening method, BOC Sciences can screen for active ingredients based on the project requirements provided by the client. Based on our services for extraction, isolation and purification of natural products, we can develop a professional screening method that will help you quickly locate the active ingredient of your natural product and the substances that the ingredient inhibits.

Structural modification of natural product anti-HIV active ingredients

BOC Sciences has a specialized chemistry laboratory that can assist clients in the structural modification of the active anti-HIV components of natural products. The modification can lead to better efficacy of the active ingredient and can reduce the toxicity of the active ingredient.

Our laboratory team is constantly updating our technology and services to help our clients with their project requirements to the best of our ability. Choose us and our staff will complete your requirements with great enthusiasm and efficiency!

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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