Alkaloid Extraction Services

Alkaloid Extraction Services

The extraction of alkaloids is based on the physicochemical properties of alkaloids, especially their solubility properties for different solvents including acids and bases. Except for a few alkaloids with volatility that can be extracted by water distillation and alkaloids with sublimation that can be extracted by sublimation, most of the alkaloids are extracted by solvent extraction and ion exchange resin methods. BOC Sciences can provide extraction methods for various alkaloids, if you are interested in our services, please feel free to contact our staff.

Alkaloid Extraction Routes

  • Solvent method

Solvent method includes water or acid water-organic solvent extraction method, alcohol-acid water-organic solvent extraction method, alkalinization-organic solvent extraction method, etc. The specific operations can be divided into maceration method, hot reflux method, continuous reflux extraction method and decoction method.

  • Ion exchange resin method

The acid-water extraction solution is exchanged with cation exchange resin, so that the cations of alkaloid salts are exchanged and adsorbed, and some impurities that cannot be ionized flow out with the solution, by which they can be separated.

  • Precipitation method

Seasonal alkaloids are polar, easily soluble in water and alkaline water, except for the ion exchange resin method, it is often difficult to extract them by the general solvent method, so the precipitation method is often used for extraction.

  • Macroporous adsorption resin method

The extraction of water-soluble alkaloids by macroporous adsorption resin is generally operated as follows: after extracting the plant raw materials with alcohol solvent or acid water, recover the solvent, add water to dissolve, pass through the macroporous adsorption resin column, wash the column with a small amount of water, then elute with aqueous alcohol or acid water, concentrate the eluate, and the total alkaloids are obtained.

Our Services

Alkaloid Extraction Services

BOC Sciences specializes in the extraction, refinement, separation and purification of natural products. We have a wide range of separation and purification technologies to help our customers with the extraction of various natural products. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the extraction of alkaloids and are able to assist our clients in the extraction and separation of products in an efficient manner.

Services content

  • Extraction of weakly alkaline alkaloids

Weakly basic alkaloids often exist in the free state in plants and can be extracted directly with organic solvents such as benzene and chloroform. Before extraction, the herbs are moistened with appropriate amount of water to make the plant cells swell and then extracted with organic solvent, or the herbs are moistened with dilute organic acid in order to make some moderately strong alkali forming salts also stay in the plant, then extracted with organic solvent, the extract is extracted by acid-water extraction, acid-water solution is re-alkalized, and chloroform extraction is done to obtain weakly basic total alkaloids.

  • Extraction of water-soluble alkaloids and quaternary ammonium bases

These alkaloids generally cannot be extracted from aqueous solution by organic goosing agents. Acid can be added first to make them generate salt, and then pass through cation exchange resin or add Ray's ammonium salt, phosphotungstic acid, silicotungstic acid, etc., so as to generate insoluble compound salt precipitation and then extract free alkaloids through resin or chemical method.

  • Extraction of volatile alkaloids

Volatile bovine alkaloids are extracted by hydrodistillation method.

In addition to the above alkaloid extraction services, we can also provide professional alkaloid purification and structure identification services. If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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