Affinity Membrane Filtration Technology Services

Affinity Membrane Filtration Technology Services

Affinity membrane filtration technology reacts water-soluble or non-water-soluble polymeric affinity carriers with target products in a specific and reversible manner, followed by staggered flow filtration using membranes. Affinity membrane filtration is a new purification technology combining bioaffinity technology and membrane separation, and its research involves the intersection of biochemistry, chemical engineering and biological engineering and other frontier fields, and is now applied to the separation and purification of a variety of biological macromolecules. Affinity membrane filtration technology makes full use of the specific and reversible affinity adsorption of ligands on carriers to target components, and the advantages of ultrafiltration membrane separation for easy mass production, while overcoming the shortcomings of ultrafiltration membrane separation technology for large molecules with similar molecular masses that cannot be separated.

Factors Affecting Affinity Membrane Filtration

  • Ligands

A ligand with medium binding capacity is selected and needs to have sufficient contact area. It should also be inexpensive, highly specific, stable under affinity and elution conditions, undamaged under high shear, easily recoverable and non-toxic.

  • Carrier

The choice of carriers includes non-water-soluble carriers and water-soluble carriers.

  • Affinity membrane filtration device

Increase the membrane permeability, improve the operation in order to increase the permeation flow rate.

Our Services

Affinity Membrane Filtration Technology Services

BOC Sciences uses affinity membrane separation technology to combine affinity chromatography and membrane separation techniques to separate low concentration products using molecular recognition and convective mass transfer methods to achieve rapid separation. Our laboratory team can provide modification of affinity membranes to optimize affinity membrane technology for a wide range of natural product separation applications.

Services content

  • Affinity membrane process optimization

Our team can develop service solutions for our customers by tuning membrane performance through the composition of the casting solution, blending ratio, crosslinker dosage and process conditions.

  • Separation of natural products

Based on the wide variety of natural products, BOC Sciences has a wide range of separation technology services and can customize the type of service to fit the client's needs.

Notes on affinity membrane elution

Changing the conditions, such as the composition of the eluent, pH, ionic strength, and temperature, causes dissociation of the complex and collects the dissociates for further processing. When purifying biomolecules by affinity membrane chromatography, the composition, pH and ionic strength of the buffer used, as well as the dosing rate and temperature during operation, the elution method, and the composition and nature of the eluent are key factors that affect the purity and even the success or failure of the product. Especially when using ligands with low specificity, special attention should be paid to the selection of purification conditions and elution methods. There are specific elution and non-specific elution methods. Specific elution means adding substances with stronger affinity for the ligand to the eluent to displace the target protein. In contrast, changing the salt concentration in the buffer, pH, temperature, adding denaturant, is non-specific elution.

Advantages of Our Services

  • As a continued leader in the separation industry, we offer comprehensive one-stop solutions for a variety of industries and fields.
  • A dedicated research team, including highly educated personnel with PhDs and MSc's, can efficiently deliver results for our clients.
  • We are a partner you can trust, and our staff will communicate with you with great enthusiasm to ensure you receive the highest quality service.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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