Adsorption Technology Services

Adsorption method mainly uses materials with adsorption properties to adsorb the target product, and then elute it using other reagents to obtain a higher purity separation, which is a common separation method. The factors affecting the adsorption effect include: (1) the nature of the adsorbent: molecular size, polarity, concentration, functional groups (e.g., aromatic rings, hydroxyl groups, etc.); (2) the nature and structure of the adsorbent: specific surface area, pore structure, pore size, metal ions and functional groups, etc.; (3) some external conditions: the upper sample solution pH, temperature, and competitive adsorption of the solution on the adsorbent, etc.

Adsorption Technology Services

About the Adsorbent

As the core of adsorption method, adsorbents commonly used for active ingredients such as glycosides and flavonoids in current research include porous carbon, molecularly imprinted polymers, specific functional group adsorbents, etc. Among them, non-specific adsorbents such as porous carbon, with large specific surface area and adsorption capacity, are mostly used for the initial purification of active components of natural products and the simultaneous separation of multiple components and impurities, while the mixed bed technology of macroporous resin, molecular imprinting The adsorbents such as large pore resin mixed bed technology, molecular imprinting, and specific functional group adsorbents show good selectivity in the adsorption separation of specific components to achieve further refinement to obtain a single component of higher purity.

Adsorption Technology Services

Advantages of Adsorption Technology

The adsorption method has many advantages, such as simple operation process, high efficiency, good feasibility, adsorption process does not bring secondary pollution, and in most cases the adsorbent can be regenerated and recycled, the industrial application is very strong, etc.

Our Services

Based on the specialized laboratory facilities and the many skills of BOC Sciences' researchers, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience in natural product separation and believe we can provide you with complete product solutions and deliver results. We currently offer separation technology services in the following categories, but our technical department is always expanding into new businesses and technologies, so keep checking back with us.

Adsorption Technology Services

Macroporous resins are polymers with good selectivity, large average pore size and high mechanical strength, and are economical, environmentally friendly and easily regenerated.

A molecularly imprinted polymer is a substance capable of specific selective recognition of the target. As these polymeric materials have advantages in terms of design molecular selectivity, durability and regenerability.

Adsorption of compounds contained within a substance is performed using porous carbon materials, whose porous structure can accommodate more molecular compounds to reduce overall operating costs.

The above is just a temporary breakdown of our technical services. If the service you want is not on the list, you can always contact us. We can customize the solution for your product and we are sure that you will be satisfied.

Quality Control System

Our quality control laboratory is equipped with the most advanced analytical instrumentation and equipment and staff qualified by law to carry out analytical tasks. We control and analyze each batch of product separated for our customers according to quality standards and testing methods, and only products that pass the test results are available to our customers. If a failed batch is generated, the cause is analyzed using developed and validated methods.

If you have a requirement about our services, please contact us by phone or email, our colleagues will reply to you within three working days.

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