Organic compounds obtained by isolation and extraction from living organisms existing in nature are called natural products. They are formed in animals and plants through biochemical action and photosynthesis. For example, starch comes from plant seeds, stems and root masses; meat, dairy products, eggs and cereals and legumes are the basic sources of protein; many drugs such as ephedrine, menthol, snake bile, are extracted from the corresponding organisms; natural fragrances musk, jasmine, rose, are also from the corresponding animal and plant bodies.

The specific active backbone, active groups and excellent biological activities in natural products provide a lot of new opportunities for new drug discovery. In addition, natural products have a wide range of applications in the food, nutraceutical and beauty industries, and BOC Sciences has a strong focus on the development of high-purity natural products and a strong position in the isolation, extraction and purification of herbal medicines. We have a strict quality control system, using HPLC, GC and other means to ensure the structural accuracy and high purity of our products.

The chemical structure of natural products is the basis for their active effects, and the proportion of each structure type present in each source varies according to the source of the natural product. We provide typical structural types of natural products such as flavonoids, alkaloids, quinones, lignans, and coumarins. The following product categories are divided according to structural types.

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